When you host people, you want to avoid any last minute stress. The secret of a well hosted party is a relaxed host! And the secret of a relaxed host is to prepare the food before the guests arrive and even more: to prepare food that cooks by itself so you just to put it on the table. 
Here are some super easy recipes that will make you score the most points towards your friends! 

6 hour slow cook roasted chicken

Whole chickens are so easy to prepare and can be so delicious if they are properly cooked and seasonned. 
Ingredients for 8/10 people: 
2 whole chickens 
12 cloves of garlic 
1 kg of small potatoes 
Herbes de provence 
Little bit of curry and cumin powder 
Little bit of chili powder 
Olive oil 
Baking paper 
Aluminium foil 
Preheat the oven on grill (as hight as possible) 
While it’s heating up, place both chickens in a large dish 
Pour some olive oil in your hands, rub them together and massage both chickens like if you were applying sunscreen on them 
Once it’s done, wash your hands and stick the chickens in the oven. 
Roast all four sides to a perfect dark tan color. 
Once this is done, get the chickens out of the oven and lower the oven to 130 degres. 
Smash all the garlic cloves 
Rinse the potatoes 
Display them all around the chicken 
Add lots of herbes de provence, a little curry/cumin/chili powder to your taste 
Add generously some fleur de sel and pepper 
You are almost done. 
The most important part of this dish is how you wrap the whole think to make sure no air is getting out of it. The chickens will create a wonderful steam inside the baking paper and alumium foil, that will moisten the chicken and jail all the flavors in. 
Lay some long pieces of baking paper and wrap the entire dish as many times as needed so nothing comes out of it. Once this is done, do the same with a layer of aluminum foil. 
Stick in the oven until dinner time. The chicken will never be over cooked and the longest it cooks, the best it’s gonna be. 
If you start fixing the chickens around 1 pm, its will be perfect for dinner around 8/8.30 pm. 
Remove the foil and baking paper. 
The chicken will tear appart as you cut it, the potatoes are soft and soaked in the juice. 
Tip: smash the whole garlics in the sauce. 
Serve with a beautiful crunchy salad! 

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