I had the luck to be able to breastfeed both of my babies for quite a long time. I was eating the most diversified healthy yummy food i could get my hands on. I wanted my babies to get the best flavors they could to start educating their pallets. 
Around 5 months old, as their interests and curiosity were growing towards food, i started cooking them some super yummy soups and purées. 

Ginger carott Soup

Something to remember: 
No one wants to eat boring food, even babies. You have to excite their palates, show them how rich and diversified our food is. 
Veggies are the yummiest food on earth, give them some love in the kitchen! 
Nothing is more important in life than the health of your kids. Find the time to cook, get in your kitchen, roll up your sleeves and get rid of your babycook! 
⁃ I never add salt to their food. I replace it by lemon and other spices! 
⁃ The best way to cook for babies is to cook enough food for at least 3 weeks. You can then freeze it in individual freezing bags (1L size).
Ginger carott soup: 
The sweetness of the carrots makes it very easy for those babies to like it. It’s a great introduction to food. 
10 carots 
1 little piece of fresh ginger 
Olive oil 
No salt/no pepper 
In a steamer, boil some water at the bottom of the pan 
Peel the carots and cut them in trunks 
When the water is boiling, place the car[r]ots in the steamer and cover them. 
Let cook until soft 
Place the carrots in a blender 
Add half a cup of the broth they gave while cooking 
Add a little piece of raw ginger (start with one the size of your nail as ginger can be very intense) 
Squeeze full lemon in it 
A dash of olive oil 
Mix until smooth 
Add a little more broth if too thick 
Let cool down 
Place in ziploc freezing bags 
When your baby is first eating, place the carrots in some ice cubes packs : its the perfect amount of food to get them started 
When your baby becomes a good eater, fill up the bag with 3/4 full spoons. 

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