Each Three Seven piece is created in a atelier that lies on outskirts of Paris, France. Every one of a kind piece goes though a process that spans around 10 days. A combination of chaos and meticulous attention to precise detailing results in the perfect platter, that’s worthy for each occasion.

From hand beating the clay to hand drawing each illustration, the human touch from our master crafts people is the secret recipe to achieving not only the beauty, but gentleness and strength of each Three Seven creation. 

Same but different

100% ceramic, all our products are intended for food use.

All our products are made and designed entirely by hand. We use a natural clay, whose hue can vary slightly from one piece to another. In respect of the know-how, we follow a natural drying, which can cause slight irregularities in the forms. These variations of hues, shapes, finishes are not considered as defects, but contribute to the uniqueness of each piece.

Treat her like a lady

The finesse of our products does not compromise their strength, and this in the long-term. They are not fragile, but delicate. They are to handle with care and precaution.

All our products are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Little friend tip: avoid shocks against the edges of the dishwasher, against the table, and between the products themselves.