You reach the Three Seven workshop by crossing the long corridor of a beautiful shared industrial hangar in Villejuif, a stone's throw from Paris.

Alongside artists and craftsmen of all materials ranging from wood to metal, our workshop, where all of our pieces are created.

In the same way that I launched into ceramics out of pure drive and without training, I founded my team totally instinctively. Above all, I wanted to surround myself with motivated people, at a turning point in their lives and curious about everything, more so than straight forward outstanding ceramists. This is why the majority of my team is made up of girls in professional retraining.

To learn the Three Seven production process, long months of intense training are necessary, and much more to tame and master certain precise and complex illustrations.

All of our illustrations are done by freehand, each illustrator must know how to reproduce them identically and must therefore learn the special trait of Three Seven.

But I like to think that there is an intelligence of the hand, which is acquired through practice and experience. This ends up developing into a precious know-how: the most beautiful inheritance.

Three Seven is definitely an adventure and a thrilling place where we come together and juggle entrepreneurship, creation and crafts.

Each masters of our own hand.