Through our dishes and decorative items, we want to show our vision of an epicurean art of living; simple and selfless. In our fast-paced daily lives, we at Three Seven decided to make the meal a suspended moment, And because we believe that a happy and healthy life starts with a plate, we have decided to make each meal a precious and special moment. We want to encourage you to take care of yourself and loved ones by preparing beautiful plates inside and out!

It is with this in mind that we design all our illustrations in order to magnify each of your meal time moments, whether it is a tête-à-tête with yourself, a quick lunch or a large festive dinner party.

Three Seven is a daily dish. All our pieces are designed to combine as well as mix and match in a unique yet harmonious way. But more specifically to highlight the contents of each plate, bowl, cup or platter.

At our core, we advocate for fresh, healthy and delicious food. But we also always encourage a little forbidden ingredient to awaken the flavors. We leave no room for frustration.

And just like the simplest recipes are instantly sublimated with refined seasoning, we believe it's up to us to turn each table into an absolute pleasure for the eyes everyday.