Coat hook Small Archipel

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General info:

In stock, shipping within 72 hours.

In pre-order, count three weeks of production before shipping.

Dimensions: 9 x 14cm
Manufacturing time:
12 days
Illustration time:
 20 minutes

The art of decorating

The aesthetics of your home is about every detail, and that's what makes it so unique and charming. And because we believe that the home should be the prism of a certain aestheticism, we present our new coat racks, still available in triptych: 3 sizes available in almost all our patterns. So you can play with sizes and hang all your essentials with elegance!

The small-format coat hook is used in our photos to hang our handlamp.

Please note that these items require special care, and will be dispatched within 6 working days of purchase.
If your order includes pieces from our permanent collection, available within 72 hours, please note that the entire order will be dispatched 6 days later.

Our know-how:

This Three Seven coat rack was entirely handmade, following a long technical process specific to our workshop. After the steps of casting, drying and cooking, each piece passes through the hands of our illustrators before being glazed to preserve its color, pattern and design. After 12 days through the manufacturing process, it is ready to join your tables.

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100% earthenware.

In the workshop, we work with a white clay which we dye with natural pigments. The ivory color of our dishes is an integral part of the brand's DNA. Note that the shades of ivory can vary slightly from one piece to another. The pieces are then illustrated freehand with an underglaze ink; mixture of pigments, clay and water, before being glazed in a transparent and food-safe enamel.

Use & maintenance:

The fine and thin aspect of our ceramic never compromises how durable and strong they are in the long term. Handle with care and caution, avoiding knocks against other objects and between the products themselves.

Three Seven pieces are made of earthenware, which is a porous material by definition, and do not like water baths, as this could cause stains and infiltrations. No dip in the water pool for them: prefer cleaning your coat rack with a damp cloth.

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