Hairbrush Porcupine Small N.04 LA MIRACLE

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General information:

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Production time: 15 days

Illustration time: 15 minutes

La Bonne Brosse x Three Seven Paris: an exclusive and passionate collaboration!

La Bonne Brosse's iconic brushes come dressed in their finest, with our best-selling designs, for this exclusive collaboration developed in limited series. Each piece is unique, reflecting the passion and uniqueness of handwork.


Each brush has been illustrated freehand in our Paris workshop. One line after another, one brush after another, all are unique and crafted with the utmost care. More than just a good brush, a jewel-object to delight your eyes and your hair.

Deep scalp massage

Made of soft nylon fibers, the La Miracle hairbrush promises unique massage sessions. As well as offering you a moment of relaxation, this vegan massaging brush encourages the circulation of blood vessels in your scalp, so your hair grows back faster and stronger!

Detangling your hair

Carefully selected by our experts, the vegan fibers of this detangling brush are designed to penetrate all hair types, even the most unruly. No more tangles!

Care booster for your hair

Used on wet or damp hair, the massaging brush helps your treatments to penetrate the hair fiber effectively, allowing your hair to reap all their benefits.

How do I use it?

The nylon hair brush is suitable for all hair types: fine, thick, curly, frizzy, fragile... Entirely vegan, it respects not only your hair, but also nature. Use on wet or dry hair at any time of day, to detangle or condition your scalp. Our Shiatsu experts recommend that you start with the lengths of your hair and gradually work your way up to the scalp, to avoid damaging the hair fiber.

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