This week Caroline presents a fresh and spicy recipe, ideal for the Easter weekend, or for an evening meal during the week. This super healthy recipe is packed with spices and colours. Exotic and fragrant flavours guaranteed!

The ingredients you need for 4/6 people:
3 nice fillets of sea bream (or any fish you like) > Cumin
> Cumin
> Ginger
> Curry powder
> Paprika
> Chilli powder
> Jalapeño peppers for presentation
> Basmati rice
> A bunch of basil
> Lime
> One lime
> Salt
> 50g of butter
> Olive oil

The must-have for this recipe:

> A large serving dish (here in our Leopard Print Medium pattern)

Get cooking!

First of all, preheat your oven to 180° on grill.

Prepare the rice: melt 50g of butter in a saucepan over low heat. Brown one part of the rice in the pan. When it becomes translucent, add two volumes of water. Add salt and cook over low heat.

The secret of rice: it is best not to drain it. With one part rice to two parts water, the rice will drink the water and you can just serve it. This allows the rice to be perfectly cooked without becoming sticky.

Prepare the fish
: place the fillets on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Cover the fish fillets with olive oil and add the powdered spices (cumin, ginger, curry, paprika, chilli) coarsely and generously. Add a squeeze of lemon and a squeeze of lime. Put in the oven for about ten minutes.

Let the rice rest while the fish is cooking: if your rice is ready before the fish fillets, turn off the heat and cover the pan with a clean cloth. Leave the lid on. This will allow the rice to rest in its hot steam until it is time to serve.

For presentation
: once the fish is ready, take a Large Serving Dish  (here in our Leopard Print Medium pattern). Line the dish with rice. Place the grilled fish fillets on the rice with a spatula. Add the cooking juices from the fish. For decoration, cover with chopped fresh basil. Add small pieces of jalapeño pepper. Arrange lemon and lime wedges on the edge of the dish and add a drizzle of lemon and lime over the fish.

Time to eat!

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